My publications on meta-ethics and legal theory aim to advance a better understanding of the relationship between legal and moral objectivity. I am also interested in, and have written on, the methodological problems in legal theory, i.e.  the distinction between normative and descriptive jurisprudence, the nature of conceptual analysis,  the search for an adequate formulation of the idea of paradigm in law.

My current research is located at the intersection of contemporary philosophy of action, classical and medieval philosophical reflections on intentional action, and legal philosophy. I have recently finished a monograph, which argues that the classical model of intentional action in terms of the ‘guise of the good’ model a) provides the framework for a sound understanding of the normative and authoritative character of law and b) gives the theoretical grounds to dissolve the paradox of legal authority. The title of the monograph is Law and Authority Under the Guise of the Good.  

 I am also investigating wider aspects of philosophy of action, e.g. responsibility, the distinction between causation and omission and collective action,  and their bearing on legal concepts, i.e. promises and negligence.

I am happy  to receive research proposals from potential research students on any of the following areas:

a) Philosophical aspects of Tort and/or Contract Law, e.g. causation in Tort Law, the role of promises in Contract Law.

b) A philosophical analysis of agency  and intentional action to shed light on collective and individual responsibilities in the fields of Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Tort Law and Corporate Law.

c) Empirical research on moral psychology and its implications on our understanding of specific aspects of   private law.

d) Classical philosophical approaches to agency and its impact on specifics fields of substantive law.

e) Methodological issues on theories of human rights.

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