Forthcoming events:

American Philosophical Association (Baltimore, USA), December 2013

"Conceptual Analysis in Legal Philosophy"

Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group, January 2014

University of Freiburg, Germany, May 2014

"Dworkin's Dignity Under the Lens of the Magician of Könisberg"

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, May 2014

"Dworkin's Empire in Action"

Monash University, Australia, June 2014

"Anarchism and Practical Reason",  Jurisprudence Workshop

Brazilian Network on Moral and Legal Responsibility: Ancient and Contemporary Views on Agency

Federal University of Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil,August 2014

University of Brasilia, August 2014

Pontifice University de Rio Grane do Sul, August 2014

Pontifice Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, August 2014

University of Sao Paulo, August 2014

Pontifice Catholic University do Rio Grande Do Sul, Porto Alegre, August 2014

University of Santa Catarina, August 2014

University of Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, November 2014.

In the past, I have been invited to deliver the following keynote lectures/ papers :

 - University of Stokholm (2013)

 - University of Loja-II International Congress of Legal Philosophy and Constitutional Justice (Ecuador, 2013)

 - Centre for Law, Philosophy and Human Values at the University of Chicago Law School (2012)

 - University of México, UNAM (2012)

 -University of Palermo (2012 and 2013)

-University of Hull, Philosophy Department (2012)

- Conference on "Pluralism" Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Philosophy Department (2011)

 - Royal Institute of Philosophy, Birmingham Branch (2011 Workshop on ‘Free Will).

Third Central and Eastern European Forum for Young Legal, Social and Political Philosophers, Belgrade, “Rethinking the Natural Law/Legal Positivism Divide” (Belgrade 2011)

-University of Paris-Nanterre  (2010)

 -Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group (Oxford 2010)

-Edinburgh Legal Theory Festival,  (2010)

-European University Institute, Florence ( 2010)

-University of Antwerp (Workshop on "Normativity in Law and Morality") 

-Centre for Law and Society, University of Edinburgh (2009), 

- University of Girona (Legal Theory Seminars, 2008).

-Yale Law School (13th Analytic Legal Philosophy Conference, 2008),.

-Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics (Georgia State University 2007)

- University of Bristol (Research Seminars 2006)

-University of Toronto ( Legal Theory Workshop, 2005).

- University of Leicester (Legal Theory Workshop 2005).

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